I'm Paresh Pawar, A human being who loves Technology and Innovation
I'm a tech nomad who loves to explore tech

Technology is thing that changed human life and pushed humans to further level. I’m one of the person who loves technology and want to make everyone’s life more awesome with technology. Starting all stuff with ease and gradually increase the difficulties is my workflow. I am a content creator and IT consultant. I prefer the person with skills and then knowledge, although both things are related to each other. If have skill then for sure you should have the knowledge. Helping people are one of the core part of the world and I always love to be there.

I worked with multiple technologies and I always love to learn new technologies, I mean why not?

Frontend & Backend Development
Designing UI and Graphics
Android Applications
Courses and Digital Content
Branding and Marketing

Our advantages

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, We do not try to reinvent the wheel be we make sure that it is enhanced


We focus to improve your brand identity and make it apealling to the world.


We design frontend and backend of the applications in awesome ways considering the future.


We use digital marketing tools and strategies effectively is best to get more audiance


We can design logos, icons, website prototypes and mobile app prototypes for your applications.

Security Assessment

Security Assesments are must for any site or app. We can do strong penetration tests on your system.


We develop mobile apps that works with your site and much more.


We use high performance cloud to deploy your app and make it easily scalable.


With our deployment strategies you won't face slow response time from your app or site.


I don't care about how much is too much and how less is too less I just try to make it as awesome as possible

Total Websites We Work on

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