Why Not to Use Cracked Software?

Published by Paresh Pawar
on April 16, 2018

We all use multiple applications every day and those applications became a very important part of our life whether you use them on your PC or Moblie Devices. Numerous software products that we use daily are free for use but there are also some software that are not available for free. for example Microsoft office. Adobe Photoshop, Games etc. Many people buy these software products but there are also a society of people where they use a cracked software as their daily driver. In this post, we are discussing why you should not use cracked software.

  • You don't pay money
  • You become one kind of thief :D
  • You ignoring the efforts of developers of that software
  • You are doing  wrong stuff so you can be in legal trouble
The Real Demerits of Using Cracked Software
  • No Updates You don't get any updates for cracked software if there is any bugfix, patch or new feature you don't get that because you don't have authentic software
  • Risk of Virus Infection Whenever you download any cracked software you actually download it from an unknown source which you can't blame if the product will behave unexpectedly. Many times software crackers who crack the license part of any software he can attach a virus/malware which can harm your system and could also give remote access to your system to the attacker.
  •  Performance Decrease The software which is cracked at the time of its late release which was compatible with old systems will not provide the best performance on your latest system. You also won't get any updates for the software so it's not the best for production tools.
What if you don't want to spend money?
Even if you don't want to spend money you can still get your job done. There is multiple open source software as an alternative to paid software. Eg. GIMP is a free alternative for Photoshop. You won't get all the features like a paid software but you can get your job done. Many software offers a limited time trial period you can also use that for certain things. Try not to use cracked software.

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Article last updated: November 6, 2023

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