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Hi, My name is Paresh. I write code for Android and Web Applications. I am a RedHat Certified Engineer, Linux Geek and Ethical Hacker. I write Blogs and create informative videos to share my knowledge with the world. Paresh Pawar is a also representation of a firm where are I work with my team to provide IT services and consultancy. Scroll down to see the services offered by Paresh Pawar.


Every thing in this world is an sperate entity which has it's own position and needs to be curated for making it outstanding. Paresh loves technology so we do the best we can to make sure people love the technology we use and develop. Here are some Quality services that we provide.

Frontend Development

We create beautifully designed websites which are responsive on every of device.

Backend Development

We code Python (Django) to make backend of your web app/API robust and secure

Speed & SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is important to rank your site on search engines

Android Development

Mobile applications are the best way to improve the reach and extend the usability

Cloud Computing

Deployment of the app is as important as the Development of it. Use AWS, Google Cloud, Docker with Kubernetes etc.

Security Assessment

Security Assesments are must for any site or app. We can do strong penetration tests on your system

Digital Marketing

Reaching to wide audiance is not an easy thing. Using digital marketing tools and strategies effectively is best to get more audiance

Training & Courses

We have online and offline bootcamps for Ethical Hacking, Web Development, Programming, Linux Administration and much more

Content Creation

We write articles for blogs, create videos, designe courses.

Design & Prototype

We can design logos, icons, website prototypes and mobile app prototypes

Ideas and Strategy

Consultation for your application development and business.

IoT & Smart Home

We design IoT devices and make custom skills for Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.

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